Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Guerilla Photography - Intro

Beautiful photography is at the heart of most successful online stores and 
requires frequent updating to maintain shopper interest.

Here are some ways to boost your online store's visual quotient whether you hire a professional or DIY.

Mix lifestyle photos with product photos. 
Lifestyle photos engage and product photos inform. 

Examples of lifestyle photography that successfully communicate the designer's brand:

   Pladra - Traditional outdoor shirts re-invented         Sara Watts - Modern jewelry

Note how the backgrounds, accessories, and choice of models complement their brand focus. When possible, vary your models for diversity and interest.

Good product photos give the shopper loads of info about the product.
Shooting on a model or mannequin gives sense of proportion. 
Multiple & detail views show the nuts and bolts of cut, construction.

- Use of neutral backgrounds improves clarity of product details.  
- Shooting flat on white paper works well for T-shirts, sweaters. 
- White paper appears gray when photographed & will need photo editing.
- Make sure camera is held square, not tilted, to avoid product distortion.
- If shooting with model or mannequin, position far enough away from
  background to avoid casting a shadow. Eliminating shadows makes photo
editing backgrounds much easier.

To be continued...
There's so much to say about photography we'll be continuing to intersperse tips throughout the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!