Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Make the most of your fashion posts, take advantage of these hashtags!

When you place the pound sign (#) before a word, or group of words, you can easily turn your social media posts into searchable links.  When clicking on the hashtag, other users will see a feed of posts including your post, other posts with the same hashtag, and similar hashtags that may be used in the future. Many associate hashtags with Twitter and Instagram only; however they are also compatible Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, and Tumblr.  

In order for these tags to work effectively, you must write the hashtag as one word following the # symbol with no spaces, for example #ILoveHashTags. You should also note that special characters such as “!, $, %, ^, &, *, +, .” will not work. 

For fashion enthusiasts looking to attract a multitude of social media users to your posts, tags such as #OutfitOfTheDay or #OOTD, #InstaFashion, and #Stylish should definitely be used. According to TagsForLikes.com, a helpful site listing the most popular trending tags, these should also be used in all fashion posts:

To discover more hashtags and helpful information to attract high volumes of users to your fashions posts, visit  HashTags.org   and TagsForLikes.com!

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